Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mothership Eve

Lots of mainstream news websites are covering the public unveiling of Virgin Galactic's new WhiteKnightTwo mothership, known as "Eve". I've chosen to feature this video by ITN News because you can play a game as you watch: "Spot three errors in 90 seconds". I'll post my answers (yours may vary) in the comments tomorrow.


  1. 0:24: Refers to Eve as "The Virgin Galactic".
    Err, that's the name of the company, not the aircraft.

    0:39: "The spacecraft will detach and rocket into orbit".
    No it won't, it's a suborbital craft. I'm not being pedantic - that's a very significant difference and the main reason I'd never buy one of these tickets even if I had the spare cash. I'll wait for orbital flights thanks.

    1:12: "One man's already paid his deposit".
    Techincally not an error I suppose but I think this clearly implies that *only* one man has paid a deposit. Not so - lots of people have.

    All in all a fairly shoddy piece of journalism really.

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