Monday, 13 July 2009

NASA Finds Lost Apollo Footage

For almost 40 years space enthusiasts have wondered how NASA managed to misplace the original video tapes of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The footage we've all seen is a lower-quality copy made for television broadcast, while the higher-quality tapes were stored.... somewhere.

NASA and its subcontractors have maintained that the tapes were never "lost", they were just stored safely. No-one remembered exactly where, but they were sure the tapes were safe. Of course the public didn't buy this and neither did the conspiracy theorists who argued that the lost tapes were evidence backing the moon hoax theory.

Eventually NASA gave this issue the attention it deserved and set out to find the tapes. Now, at long last, it's official: The tapes have been found and partially restored. At a media briefing on July 16th 2009 NASA will release the new footage. I hope the long years in a vault haven't degraded the tapes too much - I'll post again when I've seen the results.

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  1. See my follow-up post which explains that the news wasn't so great afterall. It seems the original footage was intentionally wiped: